Residential & Commercial Shade Sails Sydney

Domestic/Residential Shade Sails Sydney

Shade sails can add character and comfort to your Sydney home. They can extend your working, relaxing and playing areas allowing you to be outside in the fresh air protected from dangerous UV rays and excessive heat. For young children this could mean water play or creating with play-dough where they are free to enjoy themselves without wrecking the house. For teens it could mean chilling by the pool without fear of the lobster effect. For people who are cooped up in an office all day it is a chance to sit outside with a computer or a magazine, relax and be comfortable.


The Perfect Custom Shade Sail For Your Home or Commercial Premises

With custom made shade sails you get to choose how it will look. Our design team  have a wealth of ideas and experience to help you come up with the design and colour you will be happy with. You might have considered buying a pre-made sail and installing it yourself. This of course would be cheaper initially but after a few months when the sail starts to sag and fall apart you will realize that having a sail custom made out of commercial grade, high quality, guaranteed fabric is cheaper in the long run. This sail will still be looking as good as new in 20 years time. The curves will be perfect and there will be no sagging edges or broken cotton.


Ensure The Correct Installation Of A Shade Sail To Your Premises

There are many different ways you could design a shade sail or a shade sail structure but one of the most important factors for both safety and esthetics is to install it correctly. There is an exact ratio between the size of the metal posts and the depth to which they need to be concreted and the size and type of cloth you wish to use. There are a number of technical factors such as wind exposure to be taken into consideration. Our experienced installers will be able to tell you exactly what is required to make your shade sail installation safe, effective and last for many years.

If you are the home handyman type and would like to do some of the work yourself to keep costs down we can tailor the pricing to allow for you to do the hole digging and soil removal etc.

Give us a call now and we will make a time to sit down with you and work out the size, style and pricing structure that suits you best.


Protect your employees and customers from the elements with Shade sails and waterproof sails. So much can be achieved without the need for major construction, building plans architects and everything else that would go with a structural alteration. Expand the workroom cafeteria with a shade or waterproof sail. Put out extra tables and seating or have somewhere for the smokers to sit. A sail over the entrance way and footpath will protect your customers from the weather as they enter, similarly several sails in the parking area is very welcoming touch. Commercial PVC sails are tough and durable with marine stainless steel fittings they make excellent coverage in large spaces such as stadiums, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds and more.


Shade and waterproof sails, specially designed for your requirements and professionally installed will enhance the work place for both employees and customers. In the warehouse situation a waterproof sail in the right place allowing the workers to unpack or load trucks and containers without getting soaking wet could help cut down staff sickness during the winter. On a very wet day customers will make a decision on where they shop or eat based on how wet they are going to get going from the car to the front door. You can easily see how a sail could save or make you money.

Whatever your needs are for protection from the elements.

Call us now for your no obligation free quote: 02 8074 3794


Swimming pools are great but what about all the leaves and other debris that fall into them causing you to spend more time cleaning the pool than actually swimming in it? The kids get hours of pleasure in a swimming pool but the amount of exposure they also get to the harmful UV rays is a worry. Handle both these problems with a custom made shade sail. A shade sail or two can enhance the entire swimming pool experience and you can even extend the sail to cover some of the pool decking to make the most of your outdoor relaxing environment.

Our experienced designers can help you with every aspect of this. We will establish the best angles to keep falling leaves out of your pool and to get the optimum sun protection. You may only want half your pool area covered, there are many options and we will help you find the one that is right for you.


Call us now for your no obligation free quote: 02 8074 3794


Shade sails are the solution to protecting young and old from the dangerous UV rays that we have here in Australia. They are the most practical and economical structure to use for large spaces such as parks, playgrounds, basketball courts, bowling clubs and more. The technology has improved so much over the last few years that these sails and sail structures will now outlast timber and roofing constructions, staying vibrant and strong for many years. The Shade sail fabrics have a 10 year warranty that they will keep out 97% of the UV rays. After 10years this decreases minimally. The cottons used have a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is a whole new technology. You will not see these quality Sails fading and coming apart in a few years time – that is a thing of the past.


Call us now for your no obligation free quote: 02 8074 3794


Additional Services

Posts pads

Once you have your shade sail installed you may decide you need post pads. These are padded cushions that wrap around your posts to child height so that they don’t hurt themselves while running around as children do. They are fully waterproof so you can leave them outside in all weather.

Sandpit covers

Sandpits are great for the kids, they get hours of pleasure in a sandpit. The main hazard of a sandpit is the family or neighbourhood cat. They love sandpits too but unfortunately they like to do their daily business in them which is a very dangerous health hazard to children as cats are the major carrier of toxoplasmosis which can cause many long term problems for humans. It is well worth the very small cost to invest in a sandpit cover so when the children are not using it, the neighbourhood cats can’t either.

Sandpit Shade cover

Protecting kids from cancer causing UV rays is on every parent’s mind when their children are playing outside. It only makes sense to put a shade cover over the sandpit. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it is an effective way to protect kids from the sun. Remember too much sun screen, with all it’s chemicals, is just as damaging as the UV rays themselves.

Pet Shade sails

The family dog often needs to be outside. Protect them from the sun and rain with a cleverly designed pet shade. Your pet will love it and you won’t have to feel guilty for leaving them out in the rain. Your pet will be happier and your house will smell better if the family dog has his own dry place to sleep outside.

Spar pool covers and shades

Does your outdoor spar pool need protection from the elements or falling leaves and debris? You may want to be able to use it in all weather by installing a waterproof shade; you may just want to keep the leaves out when you are not using it with a cover. Whatever your needs or requirements we can help. Call us now for your free quote.

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