Awnings can work well if you want the cover fixed to a wall, or below a deck etc. In areas where you don’t want to add posts these are an ideal structure to use. In an environment where protection from the elements was only required some of the time a retractable awning would be the way to go.

Let’s say you had a barbeque area that didn’t really get a lot of direct sun but was unusable when it rained. In a situation like this it would be ideal to be able to sit outside and have a barbeque without the overhead cover but be able to quickly and easily open a retractable awning if it was to rain unexpectedly.

Where permanent cover was required an awning could be attached to the building completely on one side forming a waterproof connection if necessary. There are a number of different styles to choose from. We can help you find one that will suit the style of your home and your budget.

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