Question: Can Shade Sails enhance the appearance and value of my home?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. With the development of Shade Sails over the past 17 years in innovation, design and application as well as the tasteful use of colour, both aesthetics and added value can be achieved.

Question: Is the UV-R % blockout important?

Answer: Yes, very important. The harmful effects of the sun cannot be denied and we need to take action to limit exposure. The higher UV-R % block fabrics allow less UV-R rays to penetrate, giving you more protection outdoors.

Question: Is the UV-R % block the same for all colours and shade fabrics?

Answer: No, the sun has a different effect on each colour, therefore each colour will have a different UV-R percentage. For example, the darker shades such as Black can be up to 99% UV-R block whilst White is only 78%. In addition, the UV-R % block can differ significantly between different makes of shade cloth.

Question: Is a lightweight Shade Cloth for Shade Sails an advantage?

Answer: Yes. A lightweight strong and stable shade fabric is very important when it comes to the stress and strains shade sails are subjected to. A lightweight yet strong, well tensioned sail subjected to extreme weather conditions will not put excessive strain on the support structure, provided the structure is adequately designed and installed.

Question: Is the Shade industry growing?

Answer: Yes indeed, over the past 18 years we have seen enormous growth throughout Australia and New Zealand. Shade Sail and Structures have become extremely popular and we expect this growth to continue for many years to come. Shade sails are a very cost effective way to get protection from the sun and extend your year round living/working area.

Question: Is the choice of colour important?

Answer: Choice of colour is important and depends on the customers needs. For example, a high profile car yard will use bright and colourful shade fabric, possibly in their corporate colours to make a statement and attract buyers. A kindergarten may choose a number of bright and cheerful colours used together, whilst a home owner may use colour to blend in or create a statement. The choice of colours has expanded considerably over the last couple of years and every taste is now catered for.

Question: Are Shade Sail and Structures cost effective?

Answer: Extremely cost effective. When one takes into account the benefit gained through providing shade and the life span of the product. Many people nowadays are choosing this option over older methods of cover and weather protection.

Question: Should I deal with a registered Shade Provider?

Answer: Most states if not all, require companies to hold a builders licence. We suggest you ask suppliers for references and check out examples of their work. A good indication of a quality supplier is their timing for their initial appointment, how long you wait for the quotation and most importantly, the quality of their presentation.

Question: Do Shade Sails and Structures require maintenance?

Answer: Yes, basic maintenance and care on a regular basis is necessary to ensure your installation maintains its original looks and shape. Regular cleaning and inspection of the shade sail will ensure a long life of the fabric. For assistance, contact your supplier.

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