Shade Sail Repair and Replacement

Is your shade sail sagging and faded? Is the stitching coming undone?

Unfortunately this can happen if you haven’t gone for good quality fabric, cotton or fittings or if something unexpected has occurred like some flying debris that has torn your sail. No matter the reason if your Shade or Waterproof sail needs replacing we can help. If the original installation was done professionally and the posts are the correct size for the sail and not bent or damaged in anyway, replacement is extremely simple. We come and measure the existing sail.

You decide the colour and fabric to be used and we get a quote to you for making and installing it. Once approved, we get on with the job. Although this is something people tend to put off a damaged shade sail is not a good thing especially when children are around. Very rarely, but is has happened, a child may take it into his or her head to climb onto a shade sail.

If the Shade sail is in good order it would hold up under the child’s weight. If, on the other hand, the sail was coming apart this could be a dangerous situation, so as children can be somewhat unpredictable at times it is advisable to get the Sail replaced or repaired as soon as you see that there is a problem. As well as the hazards of damaged sails, exposed wire and rusty fittings a shabby broken Sail looks bad and definitely detracts from the surroundings. If you haven’t had the sail up very long and it looks like this chances are it was not professionally made or installed.

Our sails are made of top quality materials, have warranties and are professionally made and installed. A Shade Sail Centre sail will look as good as new many years from now.

Call now for a now obligation free quote: 02 8074 3794

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